how to set a wedding flower budget? | part one

Aura May Photography

Aura May Photography

The first question many florists receive from a couple is, “how much will my flowers cost?” One of the first questions florists ask their couples is, “what is your budget for flowers?” These two questions are crucial in deciding how to proceed with flower selection and the design. As a florist, its necessary to know what the budget is in order to better serve my clients desires and needs. If I don't know how much money I have to work with then I am doing a huge disservice to my potential clients by proposing a flower design outside their budget (read: unhappy clients). As my potential client if you don't know what your budget is there is the potential risk of going over what you can afford or being disappointed that you can't afford what you want. This ultimately results in frustration, confusion, mistrust and potentially a lost client or a future relationship with a rocky start. None of those outcomes are okay with me. So, how do we proceed in order to get the best outcome? As a florist, I don't proceed with a flower design without knowing the budget. This is how I ethically want to operate my business. However, some brides and grooms need help coming up with a budget. Which is really okay. When I got married I walked through the wholesaler with a family friend and we picked out flowers that I liked (I had no idea what they cost at the time, nor did I know what my budget was). As a potential future client, I want to help you with your flower budget. I have put together five guidelines to help you come up with a budget. Today for "how to set a wedding flower budget, part one," I want to cover the two dreaded words: Wedding Budget.

how to set a wedding flower budget / part one

So how do you know how much to spend on your flowers? I say start with the wedding budget and your priorities. Typically, flowers make up 8-10% of the overall wedding budget. With the average wedding in the USA costing around $23,000 (before dress, ring and honeymoon), you can estimate that your flower budget will be around $1840 - $2300. Knowing this average can help give you a starting dollar amount when you don’t know how much to spend on flowers. Keep in mind that the size, complexity of the arrangements, choice of flowers and greenery will affect the total cost. It could be less or higher depending on your wedding date and flower choices. For example, peonies in the Fall have to be sourced from outside the United States and will cost more than they do in May and June when they are naturally in season here in America. Garlands can also cost more than a simple centerpiece due to seasonal availability and the time it takes to prep and put it together. As a result setting your flower budget will likely affected by the date you're getting married and what kind of flowers you lean towards. This is where I love to assist. For me it's not about how high your flower budget is, it's really about what can I design for you that's within your budget and style. Ultimately, I want your wedding flowers to be a reflection of you! Next week, I'll cover how to communicate your flower style with your florist. I hope this helps you in coming up with your budget. Next week I plan to help give you a better idea when it comes to pricing each arrangement. Until then, I'll just keep flowering and make the world a bit more pretty!